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Dawn Patrol: Off for Day, Wildcard News

With pelting rain and heavy onshore wind, competition at the Rip Curl Pro and Rip Curl Women's Pro was called off for the day.

"The weather outside is terrible and we have strong onshore wind," said Deputy Commissioner Jessi Miley-Dyer, from the protected confines of the athletes' area. "We're looking at better conditions coming, so we're going to elect to take it."

Tune in to Dawn Patrol Thursday at 7:00 a.m. local time for the next call, and watch waves on the go with the new WSL app. Plus, get a preview of conditions at Bells with the latest Surfline Forecast:

SSW windswell mix on the decline. SW groundswell reinforcements build over the afternoon.
Swell/Surf: Mixed swell with still generally sloppy 4-7' faces in the morning. Similar size surf will continue for the later afternoon and evening, although quality improves a bit as the shorter period energy comes down and mid to longer period builds and slowly becomes the dominant source of surf.
Wind/Weather: Easing, but still breezy SSW/S wind 10-15kts for most of the day.

Mid size SW groundswell easing through the day/strongest in the morning. Swell/Surf: Surf quality improves as the windswell decreases to minor leftovers, the groundswell becomes the dominant source of surf and wind is much lighter onshore. We expect to see 4-7' faces with occasional larger sets on the morning low tide up to a couple feet overhead. Wind/Weather: Potential for much lighter wind, although still onshore S 5-8kts in the morning. SSW/SW flow builds in the afternoon 8-13kts.

FRIDAY 10th:
Decreasing SW groundswell. Swell/Surf: Smaller and less consistent with face size in the 4-5'+ range.
Wind/Weather: Possible light/variable wind early, with light S/SE wind for the late morning and afternoon 5-9kts.

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