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Mick Fanning's Best Bells Moments

Mick Fanning's first CT victory came at Bells Beach. It was 2001, and Fanning was a 19-year-old wildcard when he sent the surfing world a warning shot. In the time since he's become one of Australia's greatest sporting heroes. We all know about the three world championships, but amid the finer details of his remarkable career there are four Bells championships, a number that he shares with Mark Richards and Kelly Slater.

Heading into this year's comp Mick is still uncertain about his future. Sadly, it's possible this could be his last time competing here, and if it is, he'd love nothing more than to leave owning more Bells trophies than any other men's champion. And if he did, what a nice bookend to a career that would be...

"It's pretty good company right there," says Mick. "M.R. and Kelly are two of the greatest of our sport. But look, I'm here to compete. And I'm going to throw everything out there, and the history and everything that comes with Bells...I just love just walking down these stairs and just staring back at these cliffs. It's such a special place."

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