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Nikki Van Dijk Rules Round One at Roxy Pro

Nikki Van Dijk upset World No. 2 Courtney Conlogue in Round One of the Roxy Pro thanks in large part to her ruthless forehand attack. The Australian banged away for an 8.5 on this, her highest scoring wave. She finished with the day's highest heat total of 16.10.

Courtney Conlogue placed second in Heat 4 of Round One at the Roxy Pro. Conlogue put up a solid number in Round One, but Van Dijk delivered the performance of the day. WSL / Damien Poullenot

Conlogue put up a solid fight along the way, but was unable to match Van Dijk with a score in the excellent range. She's now facing a possible elimination in Round Two, where she'll be up against rookie Chelsea Tuach. Tuach is winless on the season, but if she were to pull an upset, it would immediately hand the world title to Tyler Wright.

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