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Highlights: Saturday's Finest Gems

On another massive day at the Roxy and Quik Pro France contests, a new bar was set for surfing performance. On the women's side, four of the Quarterfinalists emerged with fast-track wins in Round Three. Stephanie Gilmore and Tatiana Weston-Webb each surfed laps around their opponents, while Tyler Wright and Courtney Conlogue kept their title campaigns going strong.

On the men's side, some historic surfing went down as rounds three and four unfolded. None was as spectacular as the Round Four clash between John John Florence, Filipe Toledo and Stu Kennedy. Amid the jaw-dropping action, however, it was Toledo who owned the afternoon, with a huge maneuver that could only have been a perfect 10.

Artist: Tkay Maidza
Song: Carry On feat. Killer Mike

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