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Kolohe Andino's Race to the Top 5

Kolohe Andino is wrapping up his fifth straight year on the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour. The second-generation pro from San Clemente, California, has not had an easy time getting traction at the elite level. Three of his first four years on tour he had to requalify through the QS. The outlier year was 2014, when he finished the season at No. 11. But Andino's been a new man in 2016. He's made an intense effort at not being so...intense. By learning to roll with the punches a bit, and enjoy his good fortune more, he's learned how to stay loose and perform. Perhaps that's why he's having his best year yet in 2016. He's pulling it off with a lot of last-minute heroics, too, like we saw on Sunday, when he came back to beat Kai Otton at the end of his Round Three heat at the Billabong Pipe Pro.

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