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Kanoa Igarashi Plays Hero to Hawaiians

Kanoa Igarashi stepped into the hero role on Monday in an effort to help his good friend Ezekiel Lau. Igarashi needed to make the Semifinals of the Billabong Pipe Masters to double qualify for the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour. By doing so, Zeke, sitting No. 11 on the QS, would qualify for next year's Tour. On paper, the odds were daunting for Igarashi, who had only made it past Round Three one time so far all season. But with Lau there in his corner, Igarashi has been on the unlikeliest of runs. It culminated with this incredible tube that earned him a 9.93 in the Quarterfinal, clinching his trip to the Semis and a year of traveling with one of his best friends next season.

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