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Road to the Final: Stephanie Gilmore

There was the Steph Gilmore from the past few days and then there was the Steph Gilmore from today. And today, 3x event champion and 6x World Champion Steph Gilmore looked like a brand new woman. After beating Johanne Defay in the Quarterfinals with a pair of stunning 9-point rides, she took sole possession of the Jeep Leaders Jersey with the win. Then in a rematch from the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast, Steph stopped Lakey Peterson quite handily to roll into the Final (her second Final of the young season). It marks quite the turnaround for the 6x World Champion in 2017, as Steph was winless in 2016, and made only one Final at Trestles. She's now assured to be wearing the Jeep Leader's Jersey in Brazil, regardless of what happens in the Final match with defending champion Courtney Conlogue.

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