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Post Show Report: Jordy Smith Wins Bells, Jumps to World No. 2

South African Jordy Smith won a barn-burner of a Final at Bells on Wednesday, narrowly defeating Brazilian Caio Ibelli to clinch his first win at the Rip Curl. As a result, Smith has jumped to No. 2 on the Jeep Leaderboard, where he's tied with Owen Wright.

It was sweet redemption for the big man, who came brutally close to ringing the bell in 2016, finishing runner-up to Matt Wilkinson.

Things weren't much easier this time around. Caio Ibelli made a late charge in the second half of the Final and got back to within striking distance of Smith's huge point total of 18.90. In fact, both finalists bagged 9-point rides in the final heat of the day. Smith ended up with a pair of them though.

Of course, there was plenty of incredible action before the Final heat, including big upsets, some heavy looking wipeouts, interesting claims, and an overturned interference call. The WSL commentary crew of Peter Mel, Martin Potter and Barton Lynch take us through the big talking points, and recap the entire Aussie leg as well.

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