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About That Boy: Lakey Peterson's Formative Years

Long before there was surfing, and trophies, and a public following, there was Lakey Peterson, the tomboy.

"She used to beat all of us in every sport. It was pretty awesome."

That's how Conner Coffin describes Peterson when they were growing up together in Santa Barbara, California. In this preview of Peterson's upcoming WSL profile, Coffin, along with Peterson's mother, talk about Lakey as she was before her pro surfing career. Sports were always everything to her, from soccer to basketball to flag football.

But at age 11, Peterson was ready to spend less time commuting to tennis practice and more time closer to home, at the beach. She entered the boys' division at a local contest. And the rest, as they say, is history. Now sitting at No. 7 on the Jeep Leaderboard, Peterson is a Championship Tour veteran, and hovering on the fringes of World Title talk. So far this year, her best results have been a runner-up finish at Snapper and a third-place finish at Bells.

Next up, at the Outerknown Fiji Women's Pro, it could be her chance to surge up the rankings. Catch her and the rest of the Top 17 live daily on the WSL from May 28 - June 2.

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