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De Souza's Stock Keeps Rising

Adriano de Souza is quietly closing in on Jeep Leader John John Florence, but the 2015 World Champion isn't at all concerned with the World Title race. "I'm don't really care about that," he said after winning his Quarterfinal heat with Joel Parkinson. "After I won the World Title I just put in my mind that every time I put on the jersey...and go in a heat...I just want to show people who I am."

Knowing the words "World Champion" will already be etched on his tombstone, De Souza is more motivated these days by being a role model, the thing that ultimately secures a man's legacy. When he takes the water his biggest desire is to embrace the challenge, and the bigger the better. In the Quarterfinals of the Oi Rio Pro his challenge was Joel Parkinson, the 2012 World Champion. Parko had been searing the lineup all week with his rail work. De Souza got busy reminding everyone about his rail game, turning in a 18.5 heat total, the highest of the day.

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