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A Quick Steph Style Lesson

Stephanie Gilmore's surf style was forged in scorching heat. Her formative years were spent at Snapper Rocks, the most competitive lineup on the planet. If you've ever experienced that lineup you know that just to survive there, let alone thrive, your reflexes have to be sharp, the required paddle speed is turbo and your surfing better damn well be good. Steph was fortunate enough to master all three early, and waves like Snapper ultimately have a way of shaping you. It's safe to say Steph's style has been refined by the wave.

Tavarua warm-up Stephanie's bottom stroke at Cloudbreak. WSL / Peter Joli

But what makes her style so alluring is it's not the least bit overcooked. There's no pretense or pretend in her movements. It's just graceful, fluid, and efficient, with strong doses of power juxtaposed by effortless acceleration. So what's the heart of Steph's big lesson when it comes to style? Simple...don't overthink it.

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