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John John Florence Gets Past Dangerous Wildcard

As the current Yellow Jersey wearing Jeep Leader -- and reigning World Champion -- John John Florence knows facing wildcards in the early rounds can lead to unexpected, and unfortunate, results. It's a lesson he learned the hard way last month at the Oi Rio Pro, losing out to Ubergrom Yago Dora in the Round Three knockout stages. A repeat performance was not in the cards for the Champ, however. He was not about to make the same mistake at the Outerknown Fiji Pro, despite facing a dangerous wildcard with intimate knowledge of Cloudbreak -- local Fijian and Trials winner Tevita Gukilau. The Fijian put a scare into JJF in the opening moments, locking down an 8.30 to best Florence's 8.17, but the wildcard couldn't find a decent back up ride, and the Champ went on to run away with the heat.

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