Julian Wilson: Hole in One

The first half of this season has been a rough one for Australian World Title hopeful Julian Wilson. After a couple early round exits in Australia he found himself in the high teens on the Jeep Leaderboard, well short of expectations. And the worst part was there was no obvious reason. The guy has been surfing incredibly well all year, it's just he's seen his fair share of bad luck during a few close ones.

After the after party. As per tradition, Wilson celebrated by picking up the tab after his hole in one. WSL

But apparently his luck is turning, and the evidence is starting to pile up. First came his 5th place finish in Fiji, marking his first Quarterfinal appearance of the season. That was enough to get him back in the Top 10. Now he's in J-Bay, where he's been dominant the last two seasons. Nobody will ever forget his heroic rescue attempt during the interrupted Final in 2015 against Mick. And last year he was right back in the Semifinal. But if you need anymore convincing that he's clicking in J-Bay, consider this. On Monday he nabbed one of the best barrels of the day during a free-surfing session. Then, on Tuesday, Julian bagged a hole in one on the 17th at the St. Francis Links. See the video courtesy of his brother, Bart.

If Julian's not on your fantasy squad may want to reconsider.

Julian Wilson powers through a turn during Round 1 of the J-Bay Open. Julian Wilson's approach is a solid fit for Supertubes. WSL / KC

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