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Fioravanti Fights Back

When you're able to overcome your opponent's near-perfect score on his opening ride -- Sebastian Zietz's 9.83 -- you know you've surfed an intelligent heat. Leonardo Fioravanti, who bagged a pair of excellent rides of his own to open the exchange, is a bright kid. He speaks five languages and has the maturity of someone twice his age. And he used his smarts to good effect in Round Two of the Corona Open J-Bay against Zietz , who fell to the dreaded near-perfect (and perfect) score hex -- which is really just a case of relaxing and not closing down your competition. The young Italian dropped some classy lines and a couple of nice tube rides, then squeezed the life out of the heat as Zietz needed only a 6.80 to turn the tide -- but the Hawaiian came up short.

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