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Filipe Toledo Scorches Supertubes

After a one-event forced exile, Filipe Toledo showed no signs of rust in his Round Two faceoff Monday with Kanoa Igarashi. Igarashi, you might remember, is the same surfer he faced at Bells when he was dinged with an interference, which led to a confrontation with WSL staff and an eventual ban. The time away must have fueled the young Brazilian's fire, because he absolutely scorched a pair of stunning waves in perfect conditions at Supertubes today.

Filipe Toledo advances to Round Three of the Corona Open J-Bay after defeating rookie Kanoa Igarashi of the USA in Heat 8 of Round Two in pumping Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. Filipe Toledo WSL / Pierre Tostee

In a staggering display of modern-day aggression and timeless subtlety, he threw the whole kitchen sink at the best J-Bay can offer, and was highly rewarded -- a perfect 10 and a 9.63. Drawing inspiration from a trio of CT legends -- Mick Fanning and the Hobgood twins -- Toledo adopted the same double-arm-drag, tube-riding technique perfected by CJ and Damien during their time on Tour. Then he mixed in an eclectic mix of high-speed snaps, slashes and carves. All the elements of the best pro surfing has to offer. Later, Toledo offered up a typically non-plussed explanation for his explosion: "I've been watching a lot of Mick Fanning."

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