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#Tournotes: Trialists

When the Hurley Pro battle begins at Trestles this September, what most fans won't realize is a good chunk of the competition will have already taken place. In fact, it got underway Wednesday at T-Street in San Clemente, a famously crummy training ground where 24 red-hot local grommets competed in a surf-off hosted by Kolohe Andino. The kids were each given coaches, too, because the stakes were very real. These kids were vying for a shot at getting into the larger trials event being held the next day. Given the history of damage wildcards have been causing at Trestles in recent years, none of these tiny threats can be taken too lightly.

Hurley Pro Trials of the Trials Winner Trials of the Trials Winners. WSL

Naturally, we took the opportunity to ask these up-and-comers who they thought would win this year's World Title. While there was no consensus, there was some good debate.

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