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Ezekiel Lau Powers Through

While Round One of the Hurley Pro at Trestles was chock full of 9 point rides, including a handful of 9.50s, conditions on Day 7 at Trestles were such that scores pushing into the 8 point range were relatively scarce. Then rookie Ezekiel Lau saved the best for last, surfing against fellow rookie Ian Gouveia in Heat 12, the final heat of Round Two. The big Hawaiian's best results during his rookie campaign have been at open faced rights like Bells (Winkipop, to be precise) where he's been able to open up his approach, tap into his inner Sunny Garcia and lay into his trademark gouges. Channeling years of competitive success at Lowers in the amateur ranks, Lau unleashed his prodigious power game on an unwitting mid-tide righthander, earning a 9.50 -- the highest single ride of the entire elimination round.

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