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Warning: Lakey Peterson Has Hit Her Stride

When Lakey Peterson hit the lineup Thursday in the Swatch Pro Quarterfinals, it wasn't long before she announced herself -- and completely dominated. She was attacking the righthander with no holds barred, stabbing and hacking with power and drive for a pair of 9-point scores that left her opponent, Carissa Moore, chasing. Moore threw a few of her own impressive hacks, and a blow-tail reverse among other flashes of style and skill, but it was Peterson who won the day.

With speed, precision and palpable determination, Peterson, who is now a San Clemente local, was in the driver's seat for the duration of their 30-minute match. Currently ranked World No. 10, she has something to fight for: Indeed, her spot on the 2018 Tour hangs in the balance (No. 10 is the cutoff for requalification through the Championship Tour rankings). But if she keeps surfing like this, she won't need to worry when the season comes to a close.

Next up Peterson heads to the Semifinals, where she'll face Brazilian powerhouse Silvana Lima.

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