Fred Hemmings Pays Tribute to Pro Surfing's Icons

Fred Hemmings earned a World Title in 1968. Back then, the Champ was determined in a single event that ran every two years. While Hemmings was thrilled with the Title, he knew a true World Champion had to be tested in a variety of conditions. That's why, in 1976, he became the driving force behind the formation of the original Championship Tour. Today, more than 40 years later, the dream he helped bring to life has created a staggering number of world-class athletes, many who've become national heroes. On Tuesday, during the Future Classic test event at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, Calif., Hemmings was honored for his contribution, but he quickly shifted the praise to pro surfing's original icons, who have paved the way for people like Kelly to dream bigger than any of them ever imagined. "Kelly and the World Surfing League, congratulations. You're reaching for the stars, and you have grabbed them."

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