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Sally Fitzgibbons Continues to Reign in Round One

Sally Fitzgibbons has only surfed one heat so far since regaining the Jeep Leader's yellow jersey (she lost it back at Bells), but she made it clear that she has no intention of letting it go again. In her first heat at the Cascais Women's Pro Wednesday in Portugal, the Australian quickly moved into the lead on her first wave, and sent an unmistakable message for the rest of the 30-minute bout: She is here to win. Fitzgibbons has long made her intentions of winning a World Title known, but despite finishing runner-up three times, she has yet to achieve her goal. This, however, just might be her year. Coming out of the Swatch Pro at Trestles earlier this month, she moved back into No. 1 on the women's Jeep Leaderboard, taking over the top spot from reigning World Champ Tyler Wright. With her win this morning at Praia Guincho, Fitzgibbons will now jump directly to Round Three.

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