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Andino Gets Payback, Sends World Title Race to Hawaii

Kolohe Andino was not thrilled about losing his non-elimination Round Four match with John John Florence and Connor O'Leary. The Californian had the lead for most of it after sticking a handful of big aerials along the way, only to be undone by Florence in the closing moments.

He fired back with a strong win in Round Five over Leonardo Fioravanti, earning a rematch with Florence during Wednesday's Quarterfinals. Knowing full well he could send the World Title race to Hawaii with a win, Andino looked as pumped up as ever, and he put that energy to good use with a dominant performance. While Florence struggled to find opportunities, Andino made the most of his, nabbing a nice little tube and landing a couple more airs.

The impact was immediate. Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson were both watching closely from the beach, realizing they were still very much in the hunt.

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