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World Surf League and Quiksilver Airlift Team Up for Big Wave Tour 2017/18 Season

LOS ANGELES, California/USA (Thursday, October 26, 2017) - The World Surf League (WSL) is excited to announce the partnership with the Quiksilver Highline Airlift inflatable vest as the official inflatable vest sponsor of the Big Wave Tour (BWT) for the 2017/2018 season.

The partnership will see Quiksilver Airlift support the 2017/2018 Big Wave Tour, which has the potential to run at four unique venues when conditions exceed 25-feet. The first event of the BWT season saw Kai Lenny (HAW) claim victory at the Puerto Escondido Challenge, and the tour now shifts its attention to the Northern Hemisphere portion. With a competitive window of October 15, 2017 to February 28, 2018, the BWT has the potential to run at Nazaré in Portugal, Pe'ahi in Hawaii, and Mavericks in California.

"We are excited to expand our partnership with Quiksilver to showcase the Quiksilver Highline Airlift inflatable vest," said Beth Greve, WSL Chief Commercial Officer. "The Big Wave Tour offers athletes the opportunity to compete in the most challenging conditions in the world, and the fans love watching these incredible athletes in extreme conditions."

To meet the needs of athletes around the world, Quiksilver developed the Quiksilver Highline Airlift inflatable vest. Created in collaboration with Aqua Lung, a world leader in SCUBA equipment, this game-changing product is designed to improve personal safety in tough conditions.

In addition to partnering with the WSL, Quiksilver Airlift proudly supports BWT competitor Jamie Mitchell (AUS) and former BWT Champion Peter Mel (USA).

Mitchell, winner of the inaugural 2016 Nazaré Challenge, utilizes the Airlift technology at the dangerous BWT venues and confirms, "From wearing a set on the head at Nazaré to taking off late at Maverick's, these vests are made to help you in a range of situations you may face as a big wave rider."

Mel adds, "In big surf, it's great to know that you have a product like this to help you get to the surface - especially in a situation where you're injured."

The Airlift is now available at select retail outlets worldwide. While the vest is a huge step in making the world's heaviest lineups safer, it will never replace the skill and preparation required in big waves. To ensure customer education and safety, an individual consultation with a specially trained safety agent in store will be mandatory in order to purchase the Airlift.

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QUIKSILVER IS AN EMBLEMATIC BOARDSPORTS BRAND OF BOARDRIDERS, INC.,founded by a group of surfing enthusiasts in Australia in 1969. True to a unique lifestyle, QUIKSILVER holds passion, authenticity and innovation to be fundamental values. The brand's identity is represented by its logo, a mountain inside a wave symbolizing its attachment to boardsports and its playgrounds, the sea and the slopes. QUIKSILVER products cover the whole range of sportswear, accessories and boardsports gear. QUIKSILVER is also intimately associated with the very best athletes and the biggest events in the history of boardsports.

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