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Kai Lenny Sets the Tone

Maui born Kai Lenny is surfing's undisputed Renaissance man these days. The 24-year-old star is fueled by curiosity. He's mastered every method there is to ride waves, be it kites, hydrofoils, standup paddle boards, windsurf boards or good ol' paddle power.

The knowledge he's accumulated with these experiments at Pe'ahi is immeasurable, but we know he puts it all to good use when things get real. Lenny looked incredibly comfortable Saturday even in the most compromising of positions, like being caught inside by a 50-footer (every surfer's worst nightmare).

While Lenny finished 4th on the day, he spent the entire morning demonstrating why he's a top-notch entertainer. During the incredible second Semifinal, which ended up as the highest scoring heat in Big Wave Tour history, Lenny fired the first shot with a big barrel. And he continued to delight the crowd every time he took off.

With back-to-back Finals appearances at Puerto Escondido and Pe'ahi, Lenny remains atop the Big Wave Tour rankings. If he's able to hold on and win a World Title, it's doubtful anyone would be surprised.

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