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So You're Ready for a Drone, Eh?

Through the years, the way we watch surfing has evolved tremendously as filmers and viewers have embraced each advancing generation of cinematic technology: from spindly, landlocked tripods standing on the beach, to wide-angled water housings, user-friendly digi video cams to board-mounted POV cameras. The latest in this long line of technological leaps now includes the drone-mounted camera.

Angel Eye View
Drone Highlights

Aerial photography is certainly nothing new -- helicopters and airplanes have long provided their unique perspective -- but the cost was always prohibitive to anyone without deep pockets. Multimillion dollar aircraft rigged with six-figure cameras and gyroscopic mounts provide beautiful and compelling imagery, but at an astronomical price.

But, just as our viewing habits, those days have changed. The proliferation of drones now approaches that of its technological predecessor -- the ubiquitous hand-held POV cam. With new steadicam tech, drones provide access to angles and panoramas once thought impossible or too cavalier (and budget busting) to risk.

As a premier sponsor of the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal webcast, the DJI team had all the bases covered in Peniche at Supertubos, providing spectacular footage in the way only a drone can. With their entry-level quadcopters up to their professional-grade octocopters, DJI's got everyone from casual hobbyist to professional filmmakers covered. Take an even deeper look at some dramatic DJI drone footage here.

Ian Walsh of Hawaii wins the 2017 WSL Peahi Challenge
WSL / Aaron Lynton
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Ian Walsh of Hawaii wins the 2017 WSL Peahi Challenge
WSL / Aaron Lynton
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