Women's ASP Fantasy Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for West Oz

Rosy Hodge grew up surfing the right-hand point breaks of east South Africa and managed to qualify for the WCT just one year after graduation from high school. After four years on Tour, from 2007 to 2010, she moved to the other side of the camera and has been commentating on surf competitions around the world for the past four years.

Historically my ASP Fantasy Surfing picks have not done all that well. Historically being, that one time, I made a team for the Roxy Pro...three weeks ago...and at the completion of the event "Rosyposy's Picks" were somewhere nearing the rear of the leader board. Being a girl, I make emotional picks. I hear a lot of talk about stats and past event results, but I like to make picks based on what I've seen and the hard work, sweat and tears some people are putting in.

Having said that, here are Rosyposy's picks for The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. With renewed confidence in my decisions, I've made these choices after watching the girls perform at Snapper and having watched the event first hand at Margs last year, its inaugural year as an ASP WCT for the women. One more disclaimer before I give some insight. Choosing a Fantasy ASP Team, for me, is like trying to chose a favorite child. The girls are all ripping so discerning why I would pick one surfer over another is tough but into the breach we go...


Moore relished the powerful surf in WA today. Moore won at Margaret River last year. Will she rise to the throne again in 2014? WSL

Carissa Moore
Won this event last year. Did you see her surfing on the Goldie??? Hawaiian Princess, put her on an open face with a bit of power and she will go next level.

Conlogue is the defending champion here and faces Gilmore in a huge Quarterfinal. Hodge predicts Conlogue will be a threat in the Margaret River lineup. WSL

Courtney Conlogue
The girl is hungry. Spends a lot of time out at Margs clocking up water time. One thing that is crucial at a break like Margaret River is knowing the lineup. The water moves fast and the takeoff spot can be tricky, the more comfortable you feel at this break the better and that comes with spending time in the lineup. One of the first girls in the water before the sun is even up.

Ho revelling in the Hawaiian like surf Rosy thinks Ho will look at home in the West Oz power. WSL

Coco Ho
Another Hawaiian. Why? Because she grew up surfing Sunset Beach, a deep water break of consequence and I saw Coco surfing on the Goldie a lot. She is looking good to make a few heats, maybe win her second event as a WCT surfer?


These are hard choices. I hovered over the girls on the list trying to think who I wouldn't put in my 'team'. It's not easy picking someone for the bench when the girls are all surfing so well, let alone think of a reason not to add them...

Local surfer Paige Hareb (NZL) will feature in the first heat of round 1. ASP/ Kirstin With a stacked list in Group B, Hodge sits Hareb. WSL

Paige Hareb
Feel like Paige's ability to standout as a goofy-footer is now challenged with the rise of Bianca Buitendag and the addition of Alessa Quizon. That said, she has won this event when it was an ASP 5-Star in 2009.

Blanchard had a strong round two heat win defeating Silvanna Lima of Brazil. Blanchard finished fifth last year, but Hodge will look elsewhere for her fantasy team. WSL

Alana Blanchard
Alana is surfing better than ever, but so has the entire field. Margaret River is a venue with lots of elements: peak situation for interferences, lots of water moving, weather, wildlife, etc.. Alana surfs from her heart a lot, and I think a more tactical surfer could take advantage of the lineup better.


Buitendag went down to Carissa Moore in round four. Will Buitendag pick up where she left off on the Gold Coast? WSL

Bianca Buitendag
This wave will suit Bianca to a T - powerful peaks are her forte.

Alessa Quizon
In a word: ripping! Knows how to play priority and surf a smart heat.


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