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2014 Fiji Women's Pro Event Guide

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May 25 - 30, 2014
Cloudbreak/Restaurants: Tavarua, Fiji
PRIZE MONEY: $250,000
COORDINATES: 17°51′29″S 177°12′6″E
BAGGAGE CLAIM: Nadi International Airport, Nadi, Fiji (NAN)

TRANSPORTATION: Once you arrive at the airport in Nadi you will need to hire a bus or shuttle to take you to the harbor. You'll then catch a boat ride over to your resort.

ATTITUDE: Island Paradise. Aside from perfect waves, Fiji is a flawless destination that offers everything from the adventurer looking to surf, dive and fish to anyone looking to kick back and relax in a picturesque environment.

THE WAVE: Tavarua boasts two of the world's most renowned lefthanders for this year's event. The deep-water beast of Cloudbreak actually breaks about a mile out from the island and offers up throaty barrels and opportunities for big carves while testing a surfer's heavy-water skills. If Cloudbreak isn't doing its thing, Restaurants is a perfect high-performance lefthander that reels along the reef immediately in front of the island restaurant, hence the name.

PERKS: Perfect waves combined with island paradise, who wouldn't want to go?

Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) When WTC women shift to the reef break, barrel proficiency will be key. Luckily in Fiji they'll have more room to work worth than Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) did in Rio. WSL / Daniel Smorigo

PERILS: The waves at Cloudbreak especially are by no means for beginners and the surf here can get heavy. Make sure you're confident you can handle the conditions before paddling out.

APRES SURF: Hate to be repetitive, but you're in an island paradise. Go fishing, go diving, or have a nice meal and a beverage and enjoy being surfed out.

ASP WORLD TOUR HISTORY: The Fiji event was a staple on the Women's ASP World Championship Tour for six years, running from 2001 to 2006 as the Roxy Pro Fiji. It returns from dormancy this year during the week preceding the corresponding men's event. No current Top 17 female has participated in a Fiji event so any one surfer could establish herself as a standout in heavy lefthanders.

NOTABLE: Deputy commissioner Jessi Miley-Dyer wrote a commentary back in February tagging Fiji as a sign of progression of women's surfing as more female surfers charge open ocean reef breaks. The Top 17 have been training tirelessly for the Fijian debut so anything could happen.

2001: Megan Abubo (HAW)
2002: Melanie Redman-Carr (AUS)
2003: Keala Kennelly (HAW)
2004: Sofia Mulanovich (PER)
2005: Sofia Mulanovich (PER)
2006: Melanie Redman-Carr (AUS)

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