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Los Cabos has been a favorite destination for traveling surfers since the early 1970s. With an endless variety of waves to choose from as well as plenty of extracurricular activities for out-of-water fun, Los Cabos is the go-to trip for surfers in need of a quick weekend getaway or an extended soul surf mission.

Just a short flight from Southern California, the Los Cabos region is known for its great year-round weather, warm and clean water, inviting local culture and cuisine, world-class fishing, incredible fold resorts, and, of course, raging nightlife. With South Swell season approaching the coast for Mexico's biggest surf event, the 6-Star Men's and Women's Los Cabos Open Of Surf, we figured it was the perfect time to get you prepped and ready for your own trip down to infamous hot spot.

Where: Los Cabos is located at the southern-most tip of the Baja Peninsula, about a 1.5-hour flight from San Diego. There are three main regions of Los Cabos: The East Cape, the Corridor (San Jose Del Cabo), and Cabo San Lucas.

When: Prime time South Swell season for the area is June through September. Consistent waves and favorable winds persist in these months, as well as hot temperatures that mainly hover in the 90s, with water temp between 70 and 80 (Fahrenheit).

Who: Surfers and sun lovers of any age and skill level. The waves in Los Cabos range from long soft pointbreaks, to dumping beachbreaks, to rocky reef peaks, providing an offering of waves suitable for beginner to expert surfers.

How: Fly into Los Cabos International Airport, rent a car or take a shuttle to your hotel or destination. Camping is available on the East Cape as well as many private home rentals.

How Much: A weekend trip to Los Cabos can be an inexpensive affair with flights from California usually going between $300 and $500 roundtrip. Cheap hotels are readily available as well. On the flip side, Los Cabos is a baller's dream with some of the best golf resorts in the world and mansions that would make Jay-Z doubt that he has enough cash to stay. When you land at the airport, the lineup of private jets reveals a land of high-rollers. But the one-dollar beers at the local beach bars prove that anyone can afford Los Cabos.

What to bring: Standard shortboard, fish shortboard, trunks, wetsuit top, short-arm fullsuit or fullsuit for the Pacific Side (for dawn patrol and/or windy days). Sunblock, sunglasses, hat, wax. You do need a passport for travel to Mexico. One of the best things about going to Los Cabos is the simplicity. Forget something, amigo? No worries: Well-stocked surf shops abound, and cater to every need.

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