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Surf Trip Tips from Pros Heading to Los Cabos

The biggest perk (and sometimes worst nightmare) of being a professional surfer is constant travel. Whether they're a freesurfer traveling the world filming for video projects, or a contest surfer ping-ponging back and forth from event to event, pro surfers also have to be pro packers. Inherently, World Tour surfers make more money, allowing for more luxury and/or gear while traveling. But for surfers on the World Qualifying Series grind, packing is usually a bit more precise, because there are more events, less time between the events, more people going to the events, and less money to be made at the events. With all that being said, contest season is well under way and with the Six Star Men's And Women's Los Cabos Open Of Surf starting in a few days in Mexico, we thought we'd ask five surfers for some surf trip tips. That is what five necessities they'll be bringing for not only the event, but also the down time between heats.

Conner Coffin

ASP World Junior #3 Conner Coffin (USA) was ousted by Italo Ferreira (BRA) in round three.ASP/Rowland Coffin will come equipped with brother Parker this year. WSL

5. Nixon Blaster: Gotta have tunes to get psyched before heats. I'll be listening to brand new songs by my friend's band, Pleasure, before my heats! No better way to get amped for your heat.

4. Guitar: I'm addicted to guitar. You can't really go anywhere without one, especially a place like Los Cabos that's perfect for afternoon jam sessions on the balcony.

3. Surfboards: I'm bringing four boards. Two 5-foot, 8-inch Fred stubble round tails and two 5-foot, 9-inch Fred Rubble round tails. The waves at Zippers have these tight little pockets you have to fit your turns in to. I think the Rubbles will work great there.

2. My brother: I'm bringing my little brother, Parker. I'm super stoked he got into the event this year. It's his first time in the event so it will be cool to help him prepare and do his best. Our parents are coming too, so that will be super fun for all of us to hang out together in Los Cabos.

1. A good attitude: One thing you always gotta bring when you travel anywhere is a good attitude! Always travel with positive vibes and you'll have a great trip, whether it's a contest or surf trip with friends, or whatever.

Parker Coffin

Parker Coffin, winner of the Sprite Soup Bowl Pro Junior Parker will compete in the Los Cabos Open of Surf via an ASP wildcard. WSL

5. Surfboards: I'm bringing three or four boards starting with a 5-foot, 8-inch Chanel Islands New Flyer, a 5-foot, 8-inch Fred Stubble, and a 5-foot, 10-inch raw pork. The waves in Cabo are a lot like the waves in California—sometimes a bit softer at the pointbreaks but still fast and good for high-performance surfing. I'm bringing a pretty mixed quiver of small wave boards.

4. A good book: I'm bringing a book called “The Power of One.” I'm going to read that while I'm down there to help get me psyched.

3. Art supplies: There's usually quite a bit of downtime during these contest missions so it's good to have a positive outlet, like getting all artsy.

2. Parents: A work trip is now a family vacation! My parental unit is stoked to come hang with us in Los Cabos.

1. Entertainment: I'll be filling my iPod up with the comedy of Eddie Murphy and a few other select comedians. I'm super in to stand-up comedy recordings right now.

Yadin Nicol

Yadin Nicol (AUS) finished runner up to Kelly Slater (USA) today. ASP/Rowland Yadin Nicol will look apply his above the lip game in the playful lineup of Zippers. WSL

5. Boards: Channel Islands #4 and a Weirdo Ripper—you really can't go wrong with those two boards.

4. Trunks: It's Cabo! I'm looking forward to the warm water and the hot sun. I love it.

3. Speakers: Gotta have the tunes any time you travel, even if it's just to your local beach.

2. Sunblock: I get burned pretty easily—sunblock goes with me everywhere, especially a place like Los Cabos.

1. A healthy liver: Los Cabos is a very fun place to surf and to have some good times with the boys—good thing my liver is nice and healthy (laughs).

Taylor Clark

5. Boards: I'm bringing a couple Mayhem V2s, an F1 Stub, and two Beach Buggy boards—all shaped by Matt Biolos. The V2s are the all-around boards and the Beach Buggys have been working great in small waves around Southern California, and the Stub is something new I'm amped to try out down there.

4. My brothers: I'm stoked to have my brothers cruising down there with me. It's cool to have someone to hang with down there who you're not surfing against (laughs).

3. Minimal: It's hard to think of favorite things I'm bringing because generally I like to bring the least amount of stuff as possible.

2. Sunblock: I'll die without sunblock—Vertra sunblock is the only stuff that works for me.

1. Stoke: I'm bringing a bunch of stoke down to Los Cabos. I'm super excited about the contest and am actually heading down there a week early to surf.

Nate Yeomans

Nate Yeomans (USA) put on a strong showing to advance into the quarterfinals.  ASP/ Kirstin This San Clemente veteran is no stranger to life on the road. Check Nasty's list for travel tips. WSL

5. Harmonica: Musical instruments—it's Cabo, so you gotta have a good time and with your own private band, harmonica, and guitar.

4. Surfboard: Mayhem 5-foot, 8-inch The New Weapon—the best most fantastic small-wave board.

3. Catch surf button down: It's called the Bikini Inspector; it's a Hawaiian-style shirt with sunglass print. It's my go-to Los Cabos look.

2. Sunscreen: I'm bringing tons of sunblock. I'll be putting it all over myself.

1. Lucky trunks: My lucky Lost trunks that are hopefully gonna bring home the bacon!

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