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Top Juniors to Tackle Lanzarote in September

SAN JUAN, Lanzarote / Canary Islands - ASP Europe is delighted to confirm the Teguise 2014 Franito Pro Junior, an ASP 2-Star Men's and Women's junior event to be held from September 24-28, 2014 at the iconic lefthand reefbreak of San Juan on Lanzarote Island.

Consolidating a five-event leg for the rising European surf stars, this inaugural Pro Junior on Lanzarote will offer surfers the opportunity to broaden their experience on a technical wave. Having given the world's best an equal opportunity in the past with a 6-Star rated event, San Juan will be a proving ground for the next generation of talents honing their skills on the old continent.

Not always an easy foamball to navigate. Solid lefts will challenge top European juniors. WSL / Laurent Masurel

“The Franito Surf School, with its 14 years of experience promoting the surf culture and teaching local kids to surf, is committed and takes on the challenge to organize the first Pro Junior on Lanzarote,” said event organizer, Franito Saenz.

“The Teguise Pro Junior will be a unique opportunity for all our local surfers to take on Europe's best and fight for a piece of the action! Famara is really the perfect location, and we invite everyone to come enjoy the many pleasures Lanzarote has to offer.”

In autumn, groundswells line up and move toward the Atlantic archipelago of the Canary Islands. Teguise and the wave of San Juan are a prime location then to score pumping surf on the volcanic island of Lanzarote.

Fans lining up to watch the action at San Juan. Lanzarote island vibe at San Juan. WSL / Laurent Masurel

“It will be a fantastic finish to this year's ASP Europe Pro Junior series to stage the final event at San Juan in Teguise,” said Tour Manager Rob Gunning. “Lanzarote is such a special island with world-class waves on offer. It's the perfect arena for our top juniors to showcase their talents and battle it out for qualification to the ASP World Junior Championships.”

Host to a number of past competitions on the ASP Europe tours, Lanzarote, with the Teguise 2014 Franito Pro Junior, continues a long tradition of bringing the best regional surfers to some of the best waves in the world.

“I would like to thank the local organisers, authorities, and businesses of Teguise for supporting this exciting new project,” Gunning said. “I'm looking forward to seeing fantastic performances from both men and women. This event is a great investment in the future of surfing talent.”

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