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2013 GoPro Junior - Day 1 Highlights

Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba (Saturday, August 3rd, 2013)

2013 ASP JAPAN TOUR EVENT 6 "GO PRO JUNIOR GAMES" will be held today AUG.3 (SAT) and tomorrow AUG. 4 (SUN) at Tsurigasaki Beach (AKA Shida Shita Point), Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba.

The conditions at Tsurigasaki Beach this morning were 2 ft and 3feet. (1.5 meter+2) with cloudy weather.

In contestable surf on offer this morning, ASP Japan Tour Manager Tosh Omi called the surfers this morning at the first call to get in action for the opening rounds. Today the event started with the U-20 Juniors round of 48, followed by the round of 32, then the event went into the U-16 cadets round of 32, and then followed by the first 2 heats of the quarter finals.

Top junior surfers put on a great show from the beginning of the day. In the U-20 round of 48, in heat 5, Connor OLeary (AUS) scores a perfect 10! Backed up by a 6.27 to make a combined score of 16.27points and OLeary takes all honors of the day. O`Leary in round of 32 takes 2nd and moves to the round of 16 for the final day. Top seeded Arashi Kato (JPN) makes his first appearance at heat 8 of the round of 32 and scores an excellent 8.83points and moves to the round of 16 of the final day. U-16 cadets action was on fire. Yuki Nakashio scores an excellent 8.00 in the round of 32 and Nakashio also wins in the quarter finals heat 2 the last heat of the day and moves to the semi finals tomorrow.

First call tomorrow morning is 7 AM.

Mid summer vacation season and red hot summer weather create the top surfing season here in Japan. GO PRO JUNIOR GAMES will be the only single event in 2013 for the ASP Japan Juniors. The top 2 men's surfers will be invited with priority to the WJC in November. Another 3 men's junior surfers to be invited will be determined by the top 3 ranked ASP Japan's under 20 men's surfer in the ASP World Ranking as of September 3rd, 2013.

This morning at 7:30AM an official conference was held on sight, including persons of with ASP Japan General Manager, Tosh Omi, Head Judge, Masato Kato, Surfers representative, Arashi Kato all present and the final invitee decisions were confirmed by all.

1.Go Pro Junior Games top 2 (Semi finalists or above have priority) 2.ASP Japan under 20 surfers with 2013World Tour Ranking top 3 in the top 3 events as of September 3rd, 2013. 3.The winner of Girls U-20 and one another girls' surfer with 2013World Tour Ranking top Japanese in the top 3 events as of September 3rd, 2013.

This means Go Pro JUNIOR GAMES will serve as an important event to qualify for 2013 WJC in Brazil.

The WJC held last year in Indonesia will relocate to Brazil for 2013 edition. 48 top junior surfers including surfers whom surfed in the 4 star event and international surfers from Hawaii and Australia will be present at the event.

We all look forward to a great event.

Event venue Shida Point boasts its high quality surf to decide the invitees.

Total 5 Men's and 2 Women will be invited to the WJC from ASP Japan Tour.

Total 48 junior men's surfers from 7 ASP Worldwide Branches qualify for the WJC.

「Go Pro JUNIOR GAMES」will be broadcasted via internet throughout the event: 「Go Pro JUNIOR GAMES」 is proudly supported by the following sponsors:


・ASP International JAPAN

・Ichinomiya Town

■For further info contact ASP Japan Branch: 2-16-2 1F Kugenumakaigan Fujisawa Kanagawa Japan Tel:0466-30-2888 FAX: 0466-30-2889

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