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The men's and women's Women's Drug Aware Margaret River Pro saw incredible conditions, epic wipeouts and two huge victories: Adriano de Souza (BRA) and Courtney Conlogue (USA) each claimed their first win of the year, impressing fans and shaking up the Jeep Leaderboard. But now that the crowds are gone and the pros have moved on, the beats from the WSL broadcast, as always, live on.

Pilots, "Coast to Coast"

Conlogue Triumphs
The Pilots' track Coast to Coast is the backdrop for some heavy action in the water.

Hailing from the sunny beach town of Byron Bay, Australia, the Pilots are a three-piece act featuring Kit Bray on Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals, Byron Carney on Bass Guitar/Vocals and Harry Deacon on Drums/Vocals. They recorded their debut EP with Nick DiDia, an American producer whose work has included albums for major acts from Rage Against the Machine and Pearl Jam to Stone Temple Pilots and Bruce Springsteen. The Pilots have found a decidedly softer sound than some of their rock'n'roll forebears, but have an edge that makes their surf-rock songs impressively compelling.

Funkoars, "It's All Good (Is Very Good)"

De Souza Conquers
The Funkoars' track It's All Good (Is Very Good) is a deceptively lighthearted song to go with De Souza's serious attack.

The Funkoars are a hip-hop act from Adelaide, Australia and are part of the Certified Wise crew. The core group includes MC and producer Daniel Rankine (aka Trials), MCs Adam Baker (Sesta) and Matthew Honson (Hons), and DJ Daniel Yates (Reflux), but they're part of South Australian crew Certified Wise, whose members collaborate. The band's brand of hip-hop is upbeat, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude familiar to fans of early Beastie Boys albums (think Licensed to Ill and Check Your Head).

Their sense of humor is loud and clear in the title of their debut album, Who's Your Step Daddy, and in Trials' explanation of the band's name: "A Funkoar is the dreg of society. It is the funnel in which all morals and conscious are drained into the river Styx. The right place, wrong time, incorrect change, the newborn crying on takeoff, all of life's little unpleasantries rolled into one."

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