- WSL / Guillaume Arrieta
- WSL / Guillaume Arrieta
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The inaugural BIG Surf Invitational enjoyed beautiful summer conditions in iconic Biarritz and saw #TeamBoal win the overall trophy.

Team Boal has won the inaugural Big Surf Invitational in two-to-three foot surf at the beautiful Côte des Basques in Biarritz.

The final session saw all-16 surfers take to the lineup in a fun, tag-team format where surfers would be opposed man-on-man and then have to run to the beach to send their next teammate into the water. Both longboarders and shortboarders made full use of the fun summer conditions to display their expertise and excite the crowds.

BIG Surf Invitational Day 2 #TeamMauvin followed the script and implemented fun in their sessions. - WSL / Guillaume Arrieta

Ultimately powersurfer Tim Boal, whose result counted twice in the final tally, brought the trophy home with an excellent 9+ ride to lead his team to victory.

Despite leading the first half of the session during the women's matchup, #TeamMauvin couldn't keep up with their opponents once the men got into play.

Day 1 of competition witnessed both teams perform in excellent waves and ended with #TeamBoal winning their two men's sessions while #TeamMauvin dominated the women's proceedings. A perfect tie on Monday intensified the battle, culminating in today's tag-team showdown.

The athletes started their day with an inspiring session alongside handicapped surfers, and displayed both the challenges and rewards of surfing with a disability. The show was appreciated by the crowds of tourists on Bastille Day, showcasing a truly unique experience for both the professional surfers and their partners in the water.

"The goal today was above all to have fun, and be part of that great event the BIG Festival in Biarritz," stated Jacques Lajuncomme-Hirigoyen, communications officer for the Association Nationale Handi Surf. "For our athletes it's an awesome moment to share waves with professional surfers and be in the spotlight for a change. They have been selected to compete in the World Championships and today they received valuable coaching from some of the world's best like Tim Boal, Romain Laulhe and Antoine Delpero."

"We're based in Biarritz but our actions cover the whole country and overseas territories of France," continued Jean-Marc Saint-Geours, development manager. "We work year-round, keeping our activity indoors in winter to stay in touch with the kids we'll have in summer for the surf sessions. One of our missions is also to train surf teachers and deliver a complete course about accompanying disabled people in the surf. Finally we want to encourage as many people as possible to get their membership via our association, which will in turn allow a kid to participate in our events in a mentoring-like program."

BIG Surf Invitational Day 3 The shared session was a highlight of day 3. - WSL / Arrieta Guillaume

About the BIG Festival:
In its seventh year of existence, the BIG Festival has become an intrinsic part of the Basque summer with both international artists and newcomers putting on incredible performances during the nine-days of festivities. The long list of past acts include none other than NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE, WU-TANG CLAN, GEORGE CLINTON, PLACEBO, STROMAE, BAKERMAT, JABBERWOCKY, KLINGANDE, ORELSAN and many more. Find out more and get your tickets via bigfest.fr.

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