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Tahiti is always alluring for the world's best surfers, but since July's big wave strike mission there, excitement for Teahupo'o, the island's infamous slab, has been sky-high. With the Billabong Pro Tahiti set to kick off next week, the buzz is taking a turn toward competition. Check out some of the biggest hits across the social world for the week of August 2, 2015.


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Who's that one guy? You know... Oh, right. John John Florence (HAW) is back, just in time for the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Set aside your fears of missing another mind-blowing performance by Florence in Teahupo'o, because earlier this week, Stab posted footage of the Hawaiian wunderkind hacking up Lower Trestles as part of his new film View From A Blue Moon. Looking pretty spry, Florence...


- WSL / Will H-S Kolohe Andino

American country music singer/songwriter Luke Bryan just made Kolohe Andino (USA) very happy. The San Clemente ripper has had a rough season on the Championship Tour (CT) and the next stop is a doozy: The steep drop at Teahupo'o is unforgiving, to say the least. So Andino reached out. On Thursday, he tweeted, "Hey #LukeBox - can you sing a song to get me psyched for surfing Tahiti?" He asked, and he received! Just a few hours later, Bryan answered back with a sweet little jingle. And now you know what Andino's jamming to during his warmup.


On August 3, stuntman Robbie Maddison released "Pipe Dream," in which he rides Teahupo'o on a moto. The clip immediately went viral. Boards still rule in the WSL's book, but decide for yourself:


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