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Courtney Conlogue (USA) is closer to a World Title than ever before. After an injury setback in 2014, the Californian has come back even stronger, with increased skill and flare in her performances. Not only did she just win the Cascais Women's Pro, but her success there put her back at the top of the Jeep Leaderboard and into the yellow jersey that goes along with being No. 1. Having grabbed the top spot from Carissa Moore (HAW), she'll likely arrive at the Roxy Pro France looking to conquer yet again.

Conlogue's Winning Quarterfinal Wave
Courtney Conlogue earned the highest single-wave score of the event, with a 9.67.

Before Conlogue sees yellow, her shaper Tim Stamps discussed the gold she had under her feet at the Cascais Women's Pro.

Shaper: Tim Stamps, Stamps Surfboards
Model: Apex
Dimension: 6'0" x 18.7" x 2.25"
Tail: Rounded-Pin
Volume: 25L range

World Surf League: The conditions at the Cascais Women's Pro were really tricky. What types of boards and sizes did Courtney bring to Europe?
Tim Stamps: She will bring lots of boards for the Europe leg. She'll have her beachbreak boards from home, and we make a few different type of boards to suit the local conditions. I did boards ranging from 5'8" up to 6'0", with a few different designs in overlapping sizes.

WSL: Will you be sending her anything different for France, or will it stay the same?
TS: It can get pretty powerful and barreling so I get her tuned in for that by changing up the rockers, contours, and volumes. She really knows what works for her out there. We went over a few of her "old faithfuls" and made a bunch of new ones as replacements and backups.

Courtney Conlogue (USA) went for it in tough conditions during Round 4, Heat 3 at the Cascais Women's Pro. Conlogue slides the tail in Round 4. - WSL / Damien Poullenot

WSL: How do those boards to compare to what she was riding at Lowers?
TS: The Lowers boards are a lot more "California" with the rockers and volumes because of the slower, less powerful waves there. That being said, we always have a few different board design with the same length and dimensions to suit different conditions as anywhere in the world things might not be what you expect or what is typical for that spot.

WSL: Can you talk to us about tail design? What about the tail she prefers allows her to draw through those laybacks and tail slides that she's been doing?
TS: Courtney really likes to ride the round tails and the rounded pins, but also rides rounded squash. She will ride a bit longer board comparatively to most, because of her strength and power. The rounded tail will neutralize the tail area and that curve really fits in the tight arcs more easily. As for her layback...she's doing all kinds of maneuvers and really wants to add in the variety to each wave when possible, to mix it up and not be repetitive. She has lots of flare in her bag of tricks!

Conlogue's One Big Reward
Conlogue goes vertical for an 8.00 in Round 1.

WSL: This is the closest she's ever been to a World Title and her skills are clearly there -- from your talks with her, how is she maintaining her composure?
TS: I think she is just really having fun right now! I know her injury last year gave her a new perspective on everything. She's just turning it on when it's time. And when it's not, she's being in the moment enjoying everything around her.

Don't miss Conlogue and the rest of the Top 17 hit the lineup for the Roxy Pro France and watch as the Title Race heats up beginning October 6 live here and on the WSL App.

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