- WSL / Carsten Jamrow
Maud Le Car (FRA) .Netanya QS 2016 Following her win at the Shoe City Pro Maud Le Car flew directly to Israel to compete in the SEAT Pro Netanya where she claimed victory again. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Maud Le Car wants nothing more than to be France's next surfer on the women's Championship Tour. She's off to a good start, too, after taking the Shoe City Pro at Huntington Beach, California the 23-year-old European flew halfway around the world to win the SEAT Pro Netanya at Kontiki Beach in Israel. In the wake of her back-to-back victories we nabbed her for a little game of rapid response.

Final Day Highlights from Israel
Check out Maud Le Car and other surfers in the Final day highlights from the SEAT Pro Netanya.

WSL: What's your first surfing memory?
Le Car: My first time on a surfboard was on my island Saint Martin at the spot le Galion with my mother and little brother when I was 12 years old. I remember exactly that special feeling to glide on water and I knew since this first wave that it was the beginning of something special. I found at 12 years old my reason to work hard for something I loved and I still love every second I spend in the ocean surfing. Nothing makes me feel so happy and alive.

WSL: What's the craziest thing that's happened to you when traveling to an event?
Le Car: Two years ago on my way to Brazil, I got stuck at every stop. For one week they kept pushing my next flight back each day...I never made it.

WSL: What was the last movie you saw?
Le Car: Chloe.

WSL: If you could be any fictional character who would you be?
Le Car: Superwoman.

Maud Le Car (FRA) .Netanya QS 2016 Le Car's speed and edge control have both been on point in the first two events. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

WSL: Describe what quality you most admire in others.
Le Car: The quality I most admire in others is integrity and loyalty.

WSL: Describe what quality you most admire in yourself.
Le Car: The quality I most admire in myself is my determination and the dedication I put into my dream.

Maud Makes Most of Small Surf
Le Car has looked in form throughout her first two QS events of the season, but she will need to earn a few big results at some of the higher rated events if she hopes to qualify for the 2017 CT.

WSL: Tell us about the most influential people in your life.
Le Car: The most influential people in my life are mother and my boyfriend, Joan (Duru).

My mother because she is an incredible woman, I love her philosophy of living. She is always searching to learn more about humans and I learn so much by her side. Her unconditional love and support are always here to remind me when I forget or lose confidence, [thinking] why I am doing this and I can't be enough. I'm thankful to have my mom in my life for every positive vibe she brings me.

Maud Le Car. Photo by Carsten Jamrow. Maud Le Car. Photo by Carsten Jamrow. - WSL / Carsten Jamrow

My boyfriend is a big influence in my surfing and trainings. [Watching] the past three years, all the work and passion he put into his career, I love the way he competes and goes big. It inspires me so much to push my limits everyday, keep training harder and give everything I have to never have regrets.

Maud Le Car (FRA)  and Pedro Henrique (PRT) .Netanya QS 2016 Le Car is off to a tremendous start in 2016 with her back-to-back QS wins. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

WSL: What's your spirit animal? Why?
Le Car: The humming-bird , because when I was little in my family my nickname was "oiseau des iles" that mean Island's bird, because I couldn't stay in the same place for long and I always would fly away from everything to go where I decided to go. I love birds, they are free to fly every where they want to, they are graceful and can also surf when they fly above the ocean. For me freedom is the most important and precious thing each humans have in life.

WSL: If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
Le Car: Caribbean.

WSL: If you could have dinner with anybody dead or alive who would it be and why?
Le Car: Marilyn Monroe because I love this girl, love this character. Everything she involved her personality with and where she was in the feminine evolution. I was painting her on almost all my boards.

WSL: Perfect crowded surf or uncrowded average surf?
Le Car: Perfect crowded.

WSL: Tell me about your idea of perfect happiness.
Le Car: For me the perfect happiness is to live and enjoy every present moment. Be totally free to follow your intuition & dreams, live simply and do everything with passion. And always be thankful for everything that happens in your life because everything happens for a reason, and I believe that life always offers me the best.

WSL: Beachbreak or pointbreak?
Le Car: Beachbreak.

R to L: Third place finisher, Meah Collins (USA); Runner-up, Tia Blanco (USA); 2016 Shoe City Pro Champion, Maud Le Car (FRA); Fourth place finisher, Mainei Kinimaka (HAW). WSL/ Baptista Maud Le Car (second from right) claimed victory at the first women's QS event of 2016. - WSL / Nilton Baptista

WSL: If you had to give up something you love to save the world, what would it be?
Le Car: My art collection, that's something I really love.

WSL: Tell me what's the meaning of life.
Le Car: For me we are all special and we all have a own personal legend. Something that makes us happy and that we can feel is more deep than just existing temporarily in this life, something that makes sense to your entire life and what you want to fight for. For me, life is about finding your own mission and working with passion and love to realize it in order to make the people we love and those who surrounded us happy.

Maud Le Car (FRA) .Netanya QS 2016 Kicking off your season with two wins isn't so bad. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

WSL: What's your favorite board aside from the boards you surf in competition?
Le Car: I have a 5'11 single fin that I love.

WSL: What's your biggest goal for the season?
Le Car: To qualify for the CT!

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