Guadeloupe isn't widely known as a breeding ground of pro surfers. The tiny French island in the Caribbean, however, has roughly 300km of coastline and in 2014, one of a handful of surfers representing the popular vacation destination was a couple results shy of qualifying for the Championship Tour. His name was Charly Martin.

"I learned from my dad in a beach call Helleux when I was six years old maybe," said Martin of his upbringing. "[The scene] is pretty small, but it's [growing] now with all the groms. It's still really mellow, Caribbean style."

Charly Martin (GLP) Lacanau 2015 Charly Martin at the 2015 Sooruz Lacanau Pro. - WSL / Damien Poullenot

But the chill island vibe can be difficult for a surfer like Martin looking to have a run at professional competition. "There is no surfing market, there's one surf shop," said the Point-a-Pitre native. "It is kind of hard to find a good sponsorship without having a big home market like most of the [QS] surfers."

Martin, a former Europe Pro Junior champ who again finished the 2015 season inside the Top 100 on the Qualifying Series takes the hot-seat for some rapid-fire questions with the World Surf League.

Martin at Hawaiian Pro
Martin narrowly misses the advance at the 2015 Hawaiian Pro.

Last song playing in your headphones? Bob Marley, Zimbabwe.
Favorite non-competition board. 5.8 twin fin.
Spirit animal? Fish, because the ocean feels like home.

Charles Martin (FRA) Lacanau 2015 Charly Martin at the 2015 Sooruz Lacanau Pro. - WSL

Describe your idea of perfect happiness. Surrounded by family and friends, wealthy and happy.
If you weren't a pro surfer... I'd be a Formula One pilot (driver) or a pirate.
Biggest problem facing humanity? Ego. Worst trait? I have the capacity to mess up my own things! It's a family trait.

Charly Martin (GLP) Charly Martin during the 2014 Sooruz Lacanau Pro 2014. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Best trait? Courage. I can fall many of times but I always stand up for my causes.
Personal motto? No rain, no rainbow.
Last time you cried. At the yoga bikram class the other day.
One thing you hope to have by age 80. Absolute serenity.
What would you sacrifice to save humanity? Do we really want to be saved?!
Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life? DiCaprio is a master or Denzel Washington but I am a blond!

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