Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson's breakdown of the Sci-Fi design

Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson's breakdown of the Sci-Fi design

When Stuart Kennedy came out of nowhere to beat Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina, and John John Florence at the Quiksilver Pro of course inquiring minds wanted to know more about the experimental equipment he was absolutely ripping on.

See Stu Kennedy's incredible story here

As you've probably heard by now Stuart's Sci-Fi model, designed by Australia's Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson, is one of three boards being released by Kelly Slater's new Slater Designs board company, which makes Kelly's loss to Stu serendipitous in a way.

Stu Kennedy placed second in his Round 4 heat. Stuart Kennedy, Quiksilver Pro. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

After all, had Kelly been the guy performing so well on the same model it wouldn't have attracted nearly the same amount of attention. Slater is an 11-time world champ and a rabid experimenter, so we're used to seeing him winning on anything.

Stu Kennedy and shaper Daniel Thomson. Kennedy and Thomson celebrating success on the Gold Coast. - WSL

But when a regular guy like blue-collar grinder Stu Kennedy is spotted with some secret weapon slaying giants, well that's going to garner some attention.

So what's behind this design? Well, it turns out quite a bit, including one of nature's biggest secrets. Daniel Thomson talks us through the very intriguing design principles.


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