Griffin Colapinto Is Ringing the Bell With Fresh Edit

Griffin Colapinto Is Ringing the Bell With Fresh Edit

Griffin Colapinto has been on a serious tear. The 18-year-old San Clemente star made a late-season charge in 2016 that vaulted him to No. 32 on the Qualifying Series. His Hail Mary move at Haliewa was one of the best moments of the entire Triple Crown.

Colapinto backed that with a runner-up finish at the World Junior Championships in January, a Finals appearance at the Volcom Pipe Pro in February, and now, after climbing to No. 16 on the QS rankings this month, he's dropped a jaw-dropping new edit, "Ding Donging."

Griffin Colapinto won Heat 9 of Round Three at the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa, Hawaii today with the highest heat total of 18.20 points. Griffin after winning his heat at the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa. - WSL / Kelly Cestari

We're not sure if the title is code for warning bells, or something more nefarious, but that's really not important. What is important though, is how good this kid is surfing. The edit features Griff's most ridiculous highlights from his travels and this winter on the North Shore, where he's been ripping at Off-The-Wall.

Produced by Colapinto himself and filmed/edited by Jacob Vanderwork, this clip is unapologetic surf porn, high on action and short on story arc. To add some value we poked Griff for a few pressing "get to know you" questions. See below.

Griffin Colapinto advances through quarterfinal 2 of the WSL Volcom Pipe Pro Colapinto has climbed to No. 16 on the QS ratings, thanks in large part to another solid result in Hawaii at the Volcom Pipe Pro. - WSL / Tony Heff

It's an average day at home. Where are you paddling out?
Without a doubt, Lowers.

Which pro do you run into out there the most?
Kolohe Andino...and somehow it doesn't matter how early I get there in the morning, he always gets there before me. Sometimes he's just waiting in the dark listening to country music, psyching.

If for some reason you had to flee California where would you go?
I'd move to Europe for sure, but away from the contest sites. I've really only spent time in Portugal, so far. But it's super fun for surf, and the food is insane.

Griffin Colapinto Despite receiving a lot of attention and praise for his air-game, Colapinto is keeping his cool. - WSL

What was the last book you thoroughly enjoyed reading?
"Open: An Autobiography" about Andre Agassi, the former professional tennis player. Pretty crazy story of the mental torture the guy was going through while the rest of the world was praising him based on the success he was having on the court.

Griffin Colapinto wins heat 9 round three of the Hawaiian Pro Griff's power game is already mature, and it comes with a healthy dose of acrobatic flair. - WSL / tony heff

What are your Top 5 favorite movies of all time?
Super Bad
Step Brothers
Role Models
Star Wars VI

If you could only listen to one song for the next month which one would it would be?
"Devastated" by Joey Bada$$.

What's something that really bothers you?
Really smelly burps.

Is there a good pearl of wisdom that hits home with you?:
"It's a long road."

Where would you like to be 5 years from now?:
Top 5 in the world and psyching hard enough on surfing to still be one of the first guys out in the water everyday no matter what.


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