- WSL / Scott Hammond
- WSL / Scott Hammond

Let's set the scene.

It's Day 3 and Round Three of the Komune Bali Pro pres. by The Mad Hueys, and for the first time the event's top-seeded surfers have hit the water. Keramas is the world's best performance wave, allowing for a combination of barrels and radical surfing, and conditions are perfect with pristine, five-foot tubes and clean walls on offer. Luck of the draw sees Jack Robinson, Taj Burrow, Pepen Hendrik and Mikey Wright match up in heat four.

Top seeds go bannanas on Day 3 of Komune Bali Pro pres. By The Mad Hueys

Jack Robinson is one of the world's best tube riders and equally adept in the air and on the face.

Taj Burrow is a 20-year veteran of the CT with multiple career wins, and one of the best surfers the world has ever seen. He also happens to be back-to-back defending Komune Bali Pro champion.

Pepen Hendrik is one of Bali's best barrel riders, who surfs Keramas more and knows the wave better than almost anyone else in the event.

Jack Robinson at Keramas. Jack Robinson, slotted. - WSL / Scott Hammond

Mikey Wright is one of the most exciting surfers on the planet. Raw, powerful and totally unpredictable.

Here's what went down.

Things kicked off with Mikey and Taj pulling into long tubes and getting clipped on their exits, with Taj admitting later he got greedy and should have come out when he had the chance. By contrast, Robinson didn't fall once in the duel, pulling in and getting slotted on every wave he took off on, improving his scoreline wave after wave. The young West Australian finished the heat with a long, draining barrel, seemingly haven been swallowed before somehow reappearing down the line to be awarded a perfect 10.

Mikey Wright at Keramas. Mikey Wright - WSL / Scott Hammond

Mikey started the heat slowly but closed it out with a 9.50, quickly followed by an 8.60, to claim the win with two thick and throaty tubes, both punctuated by devastatingly powerful grab-rail hacks.

Taj's two best waves didn't open up and allow for tube-time so he went to work on the rail, unloading some of the event's best turns with trademark lightning-fast rail work. Taj led for most of the heat but unfortunately fell to the last-minute heroics of his two younger Australian counterparts.

Pepen Hendrik at Keramas. Pepen Hendrik. - WSL / Scott Hammond

Pepen only caught two waves, one of them was a solid 8.15 for a fast and hollow barrel ride, but with a 1.15 back-up he was eliminated in 4th place.

Check back Thursday local time for the latest on Round Four at Keramas.

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