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Jadson Andre Believes

Sometimes it takes a fresh outlook to smash a preconceived notion. Most competitors throughout the day today at the Vans US Open of Surfing were wary of looking for tubes, unclear of how the judging panel would score the ride. But they were out there, if you dared to hunt them down. Jadson Andre, ever adventurous, decided to take that risk in his Round Two heat. As a lined-up left stood up and peeled off towards the pier, Andre free-fell into the wave, pulled up under a falling chandelier, tucked into a long section and came out speeding through the pier. The panel rewarded his endeavor with an 8.33.

Afterward, Andre admitted he didn't know how a barrel ride would be scored, but had seen numerous tubes and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Risk vs. reward. The dilemma boiled down, in a single ride.

Check out Jadson's incredible life story here.

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