- WSL / Tim Hain
- WSL / Tim Hain
Kei Kobayashi on Day 2 of Taiwan Open of Surfing Kei Kobayashi going big for a second-place progression in Round Three. - WSL / Tim Hain

Jinzun Harbour has continued to serve up quality waves on Day 2 of the Taiwan Open of Surfing QS1,500. Competitors were treated to more wind-affected, 3-to-4 foot waves for the completion of Round Three, leaving only 16 surfers to battle it out in the last four rounds.

After a string of solid Qualifying Series (QS) results in the last few events, Gold Coaster Mitch Parkinson is feeling reinvigorated in competition. The exciting young naturalfooter wasn't having the best heat in Round Three and found himself in last spot. Needing a solid score in the final two minutes, Parkinson utilized the strong, cross-shore winds and threw a huge frontside air-reverse. He rode out clean and earned himself a 9.57 (out of a possible 10) and the lead. He went on to win the heat with a two-wave total of 15.70 (out of a possible 20).

Mitch Parkinson on Day 2 of the Taiwan Open of Surfing Mitch Parkinson went big to take the lead in the dying seconds and progress into Round Four. - WSL / Tom Bennett

"I was having such a bad heat for the first three quarters," Parkinson said. "I couldn't find a wave anywhere. I knew I needed something big if I was going to progress, so I had to go to the air. This wind is so perfect for airs so it's hard not to do them. I'd love another solid result here and try my luck in some big QS events next year."

Indonesian upstart Rio Waida continued his great form on Day 2 of competition with another heat win in Round Three. After a more progressive display on Day 1, Waida kept it conventional in his second heat, laying down some incredible rail turns to take the win with a 14.67 heat total.

Rio Waida on Day 2 of Taiwan Open of Surfing Rio Waida kept it to the face on day 2, and it paid off. - WSL / Tim Hain

"I'm really enjoying competing at the moment and I feel like it is reflecting in my surfing and results," Waida said. "It was good to have some power in the surf today and be able to do some big power-turns. I have been training and preparing a lot and it seems to be working for me."

Japanese competitor Shun Murakami was another competitor who changed up his approach for Round Three. Murakami won his heat with a heat total of 12.20, earned purely on rail surfing.

Shun Murakami on Day 2 of Taiwan Open of Surfing Shun Murakami continued his run toward the finals on Day 2. - WSL / Tim Hain

"It was a little bit messier and hard to find the waves I wanted today," Murakami said. "It was tough to try and score high on the rides that I got so I am really happy to take the win. The waves are great here so I'm looking forward to Round Four."

Former event winner Perth Standlick was lucky to progress into Round Four in a close match-up with fellow Aussie Mitchell James. Standlick moved around the lineup to score on lefts and rights and eventually locked in a 13.26 total to move through to Round Four behind James who won the heat with a 14.33.

Perth Standlick on Day 2 of the Taiwan Open of Surfing Perth Standlick will be looking for another win at Jinzun as we approach finals day. - WSL / Tom Bennett

"It was really tricky out there for that heat," Standlick said. "I made a bit of a priority error early and moved over to the left but didn't know if I should move back to the right and was a little confused. Eventually I found a really long left and posted a decent score and thought I'd head back over with the other competitors but never found a solid wave. I'm really stoked that I got through and it looks like we have more good waves to come, which will be good."

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