- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Women's Round 2 kicked off at Main Break today. With the current conditions, judges are rewarding combinations of major maneuvers with speed, power and flow. The point of difference at Main Break will be a surfer's commitment to attack the lip and hold the rail throughout their maneuvers. Airs or progressive maneuvers will be rewarded.

Women's Round 3, Heat 2: Gilmore's In It to Win It

Stephanie Gilmore in Motion
Gilmore shows determination, earning an 8.60 and a Round 3 win at the Margaret River Pro.

Women's Round 3, Heat 1: Carissa Moore Shifts Gears

Carissa Moore Unleashes for an 8.77
Moore continues to dominate at the Margaret River Pro with a 8.77 on her first wave in Round 3.

Women's Round 2, Heat 6: Malia Manuel Scores Big

Malia Manuel's Round 2 Surge
The Kauaian was simply on fire in Round 2 at the Margaret River Pro, earning a 9.00 by tearing apart Main Break.

Women's Round 2, Heat 2: Local Hero Shines

Local Bronte Macaulay Defeats Silvana Lima in Round 2
The West Oz native shows her local knowledge and earns an 8.40 for a Round 2 heat win at the Margaret River Pro.

Women's Round 2, Heat 1: Coco Ho Advances to Round Three

Coco Ho Kicks Into New Gear at Margaret River Pro
Celebrating her 10th year on the Championship Tour, the North Shore native is looking more comfortable than ever -- earning a 7.60.

Today, the Margaret River Pro moved back to Main Break for the start of Round 2. The first men's elimination round got underway in solid 6-8-foot conditions, while the women's first eliminations will have to wait until Monday local time. As the men's Round 2 was winding down, the local wind picked up, and Deputy Commissioner Jessi Miley-Dyer called things off for the day.

Men's Round 2, Heat 8: Rodrigues Gets the Upper Hand on Igarashi

Michael Rodrigues's Power Play
Brazilian rookie Michael Rodrigues eliminates Kanoa Igarashi in Round 2 with a 7.57 at the Margaret River Pro.

Men's Round 2, Heat 7: Yago Dora Shines at Main Break

Yago Dora Defeats Fellow Rookie Griffin Colapinto
It was a battle of the prodigies at the Margaret River Pro Sunday, but in the end it was Dora who won out with a 7.83.

Men's Round 2, Heat 5: Michel Bourez Advances to Round 4

Bourez Unleashes in Round 2
The Spartan carries some speed for a 7.33, advancing in Round 2 at Main Break of the Margaret River Pro.

Men's Round 2, Heat 4: The Brazilian Pushes Through

Italo Ferreira Continues to Gain Ground
The Brazilian earns a 7.5 on his last wave to advance out of Round 2, eliminating Miguel Pupo from the Margaret River Pro.

Men's Round 2, Heat 4: Miguel Pupo Puts Up Strong Fight

Miguel Pupo Opens Big Against Italo Ferreira at Margies
The Brazilian wildcard and former CT surfer kicked off their Round 2 heat in a big way, but ultimately lost out to the Jeep Leader.

Men's Round 2, Heat 3: Mikey Wright Eliminates Ace Buchan in West Oz

Mikey Wright Gains Speed at Margaret River Pro
The wildcard from Australia eliminates Adrian Buchan in Round 2 with a 7.50 at Main Break of the Margaret River Pro.

The men continued with Round 1 Saturday at North Point, while the women made history with their first-ever heat at the heavy right-hand reef break. Here's what went down:

Women's Round 1, Heat 5: Tatiana Weston-Webb Strikes Again

Tatiana Weston-Webb Sends Tyler Wright to Round 2
After a runner-up finish at Bells, the Kauai local took her hot streak to North Point at Margaret River, for a 9-point ride.

Women's Round 1, Heat 2: Carissa Moore, Crushing It

Carissa Moore Locks in a 7.50 at North Point
The Hawaiian earns one of the highest scores of the day Saturday with a 7.50 -- moving on to Round 3 at the Margaret River Pro.

Women's Round 1, Heat 1: Sally Fitzgibbons, Fired Up

Fitzgibbons Performs During First Women's Heat at North Point
Defending event champ Sally Fitzgibbons earns a 5.5 to take a Round 1 win, during the first-ever women's heat at North Point.

Men's Round 1, Heat 12: Kolohe Andino's Hail-Mary Win

Kolohe Andino Leads Round 1 Charge
Andino earns an 5.17 to take a Round 1 win against Frederico Morais and Ezekiel Lau.

Men's Round 1, Heat 9: Parko Jumps to Round 3

Parko Finds Round 1 Gem at Margaret River Pro
Joel Parkinson finds one of the better waves of the day for a 5.67 and a Round 1 heat win at North Point.

After two days of waiting for the swell to show up, the men's Margaret River Pro kicked off today at North Point. The action began with a surf-off between equal-third-place Trials finishers, Jack Robinson and Jerome Forrest, for a chance to take the place of Caio Ibelli, who broke his foot Thursday in a freesurf. Robinson broke out his tube-riding skills, carrying his local's comfort straight through his Round 1 heat, where he simply steamrolled Owen Wright and Miguel Pupo.

Plus: WSL Championship Tour (CT) returnee Keanu Asing earned his first heat win of the season, and John John Florence, the 2x, reigning World Champ, bounced back after two disappointing finishes so far this year. Here's the best of the day.

Men's Round 1, Heat 6: Julian Wilson Drops in for a 7.33

Jeep Leader Julian Wilson Comes in Hot at Margies
With the Jeep Leader Jersey on his back and his shoulder on the mend, the Australian opened with a big score in Round 1.

Men's Round 1, Heat 5: Gabriel Medina's Technical North Point Barrel

Gabriel Medina Burns Off Steam in Round 1
The Brazilian earns an 7.33 to take a Round 1 heat win against Kael Walsh and Joan Duru at North Point.

Men's Round 1, Heat 4: John John Florence Bounces Back

John John Florence Flies Through for a 7.77
The Hawaiian comes out on top in Round 1 against Mikey Wright and Wade Carmichael.

Men's Round 1, Heat 3: Injury Replacement Jack Robinson Breaks Through

Local Knowledge Reigns in West Oz with Jack Robinson
Western Australia injury replacement Jack Robinson earns an 8.27 at North Point, to take a Round 1 win against Wright and Pupo.

Men's Round 1, Heat 2: Jordy Smith Powers Through Round 1

Jordy Smith Pulls in for a 7.67
The South African takes a Round 1 win after earning a 7.67 against Ian Gouveia and Tomas Hermes.

Men's Round 1, Heat 1: Keanu Asing Earn His First Heat Win of the Year

Keanu Asing Holds His Ground at North Point
The Hawaiian earns an 8.00 during Round 1 Heat 1 to take his first heat win of the year in heavy West Oz conditions.
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