Being a professional athlete is not easy. Neither is being a mother. But Bethany Hamilton has managed to accomplish both.

Unstoppable, which was directed and produced by surf cinematographer Aaron Lieber, follows Hamilton on her journey -- everything from chasing the latest swell to chasing her two-year-old toddler. Hamilton has paved the way for future female athletes and doesn't look to be slowing down. The 28-year-old just had her second son (Wesley) with her husband Adam last month.

Bethany Hamilton Lands Massive 360 for New Documentary
After practicing for a week, the Kauaiian lands a front-side air reverse for her documentary 'Unstoppable'.

"This film captures my life on a deeper level than ever shown before," said Hamilton. "The real raw struggles I've faced and the triumphs I've had. From childhood to motherhood."

Director Aaron Lieber weaves in archival footage from when Hamilton was just starting out in Kauai as a professional athlete and the obstacles she's had to overcome along the way.

Bethany Hamilton Bethany Hamilton - WSL

"The ocean is so much for me: my passion and my love, and also my place for healing and reflection," Hamilton said in the documentary.

Unstoppable showcases the Kauaian's inspiring story as she rises to the top of her game both as a surfer and as a mother. The documentary premiered this Friday at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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