Season 1, Episode 3

Decades ago, the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and young Afridun Amu and his family fled the war-torn country to Europe. Once in France, Afri learned to surf. Produced by Nico Walz and Afri Amu himself, this episode tells the story of how he dedicated his life to bringing the surf culture he came to love back to his landlocked homeland.

Hosted by 1977 World Champion Shaun Tomson, Surfistan is the third episode of the new series by WSL Studios Transformed.

Producers: Afridun Amu & Nico Walz
Featuring: Urzala Weiss & Jacob Kelly Quinlan
Support: ISA Surfing
WSL Studios Producer: Jason Rem
"Transformed" Executive Producers: Erik Logan, Tim Greenberg & Jason Rem


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