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Introducing The 2020 WSL French Rendez-Vous of Surfing
The world-famous Chambre d'Amour in Anglet welcomes Europe's elite for Stop No. 1 in the Euro Cup of Surfing.

The French Rendez-Vous of Surfing has been called ON !! Full schedule below:

Wednesday, September 22nd

#ItsON @ 7:50 a.m
Women's RD1
Men's RD1
Women's RD2
Men's RD2
Women's Quarterfinals
Men's Quarterfinals
Women's Semifinals
Men's Semifinals
Women's Final
Men's Final

Heat Conditions

Heat Time - 20 min
Quarters / Semis / Final To Be Decided
Paddle out - 2 min
High Tide: 9:30 a.m approx
Low Tide: 4 p.m approx

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Introducing The 2020 WSL French Rendez-Vous of Surfing
Introducing The 2020 WSL Euro Cup Of Surfing

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