Which Clips Got You Fired Up?

Which Clips Got You Fired Up?

January 4, 2020


  • These are some of the drops that got us absolutely psyched.
  • Russel Bierke's ‘Flow State' takes the cake for heavy-water slab charging...I mean, this guy is an absolute beast.
  • And in ‘Ru.Bu 994' Noa Deane delivered on all levels, much like Ian Crane's self-produced project ‘Beach Head.' Wedges, airs, tubes ... all the good stuff.
  • 2020 CT rookie Isabella Nichols' ‘Voyage' edit put an exclamation mark on her prowess in Indo, while Josie Pendergast showed us sometimes less is more, in the ‘Dew of Little Things.'
  • And who doesn't love watching Mick Fanning and Mason Ho get tubed? They absolutely score G-Land in ‘Red Monkey Full Moon.' And we are stoked to see the CT return there next year!
  • So the question is, what is your favorite edit of the year?

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