The Hits Keep Coming at Jaws

The Hits Keep Coming at Jaws

January 27, 2020


  • It's been a great start to 2020 out at Jaws, and the hits just kept on coming …
  • And it was Kai Lenny that ruled the day as another swell brought the north shore of Maui to life yet again on Sunday.
  • Big and bumpy and windy, it was pretty much a tow affaiir with other standouts including Ian Walsh, Tyler Larronde and Jojo Roper.


  • Another standout at Jaws on Sunday was Paige Alms, who is also the focus of a new documentary fittingly called "Paige."
  • The film takes an in-depth look at one of the best big wave surfers in the world, as she trained mentally and physically for the 2017 Pe'ahi Challenge, which she won.
  • You can catch a sneak peek of the film on right now.


  • And while we're on the subject of big waves, as a surfer, you never know when you're going to have to step in as a first responder in an emergency situation.
  • To help everyone be more prepared, the Big Wave Risk Assessment Group has just announced its schedule for 2020 training summits.
  • This year they're offering 14 summits around the world, with new locations added in Cape Hatteras and New Smyrna, Tofino, Casuarina Beach and Arica.
  • Follow them on Instagram or check to learn more.


  • And finally, Aussie mongrel Connor Lee is the focus of the latest episode of O'Neill's O'Riginals series.
  • Hailing from Newcastle, he's a third generation surfer looking to keep the family tradition alive and make big things happen in 2020.
  • You can find the full video on O'Neill Australia's Vimeo channel.

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