In a special edition of The Occ-Cast, Mark Occhilupo chatted with Italo Ferreira and finally got to congratulate him on his World Title, an accolade they both share -- albeit 20 years apart, as Occy won his in '99.

With the world currently at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, Occy has been catching up with surfers all over the world via his laptop. Given that he famously doesn't even use email, it's no small technological feat.

And while the Internet connection is a bit dodgy, the conversation still sparks. The 1999 World Champ and the current Champ talk through Italo's Pipe win, his offseason and current at home regime.

Italo reveals that he was at the airport in California, with all his boards, en route to Australia when he heard that the Australian leg of the tour had been cancelled. The Brazilian instead took a detour to Hawaii, getting a week of waves the North Shore of Oahu before the lockdown hit.

"It was sad for me, as I was so ready and my confidence was so high," said Ferreira. "I was so hungry to compete on the Gold Coast, but it was the best decision for the athletes and the staff."

After the quick strike to Hawaii, Italo returned to home town of BaĆ­a Formosa in Northern Brazil just as the beach closures and quarantine rules were enforced.

"I have a gym at home, so I've been training every day, getting my body ready for anything. We are all doing the same thing," laughed Ferreira, "training and putting the clips on Instagram." Italo, though, has come up with a more interesting approach than most. After all, have you seen any other athletes incorporating their trophies into their routines?

Later on in the Occ-Cast "The People's Champ" takes questions from the fans on his preparation before the Pipe Masters, how he lands those big airs, where he grew up in surfing and much more.

It's an insight into Italo's current state of mind and shows the obvious friendship between the two legends.

Italo Ferreira Wins 2019 World Title and Becomes A Pipeline Champion
The 25-year-old becomes the third Brazilian ever to win a World Title and is now officially a Pipe champion.
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