As the greatest competitive surfer of all time, every decision Kelly Slater makes is calculated and deliberate. When the COVID-19 lockdowns began, Slater could have hunkered down anywhere around the world to ride out the storm. The North Shore, Malibu, Florida? He could have posted up anywhere.

So, why Australia? For one, Australia never fully banned surfing like many other parts of the world. With surfing a major part of Australia's DNA, Slater hedged his bets on being able to find waves somewhere along the wave-rich coastline. Also, the lockdowns began in March, which marked the beginning of cyclone season and consistent autumn swell.

At the end of May, Slater was spotted at this novel wedge near Sydney. He got absolutely drained, laid into some trademark hacks and took some hefty beatings as well.

"Broke two boards today," Slater told Australia's Nine News. "Took a few beatings, had to pay my dues."

"It's been a while since I surfed here," he continued. "It was all fun, we had a fun crew of guys out there."

At first, we were forced to live vicariously through some grainy Instagram and Coastal Watch footage. But now, in their latest episode of "Amp Sessions," SURFER Magazine caught Kelly wrangling this chunky right-hander in this 2-minute slow-motion edit. The only thing, we just wish it was longer.

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