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It's always refreshing to watch how the world's best surfers perform out of the jersey. The pressure is never completely off, but it's certainly easier to tweak equipment, dial airs, and test suits during an extended offseason. Judging from these three clips, John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, and Italo Ferreira have settled into a proper groove at home. We've ordered them chronologically. Now you rate your favorites.

John John Florence (2x World Champion - 2016, 2017)

It's been about a month since we've seen any new JJF footage, and we were starting to get a little atsy. Now John John just posted this clip of him and Nathan trading off dreamy lefthand runners at home. Watch both of them loft carefree full rotations in succession.

All we can think of is how awesome it would be to see a Tour matchup between the Florence bros.

Gabriel Medina (2x World Champion - 2014, 2018)

We checked in with Medina last week and saw that he's been barrel hunting at Praia do Pa├║ba, a fickle yet exposed beach break just east of Rio. Now in his latest clip by Rip Curl, you can see just how hard he's been charging in his limited edition E Bomb E7 suit.

Since we're on the topic of World Champions, Gabriel Medina, Tyler Wright, and Mick Fanning played a large role in the development of this new performance suit.

Italo Ferreira (2019 World Champion)

Like Gabe, Italo has opted for the black board in his recent sessions at home. And there's already speculation as to whether or not this is going to be brought to the Tour when it resumes. There's also speculation as to whether or not Italo is human, because his airs seem to tell us otherwise.

There's no shortage of clips from Italo (he's posted nearly twenty in the past couple months), so go spend some time on his Instagram page.

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